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Viudas e Hijos del Rock & Roll

We did this opening for Viudas e Hijos del Rock and Roll, a television show produced by Underground Productions. For this project, we joined forces with Sebastian Ortega and his talented team to develop this short story full of implicit references of a wide variety of Argentinian rock icons.


Done by: 2veinte
Creative Director: Pablo Gostanian
Production Director: Agustin Valcarenghi
Art Director: Alex Gostanian
Script and Idea: Pablo Gostanian, Alex Gostanian, Santiago Medina, Agustin Valcarenghi, Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Storyboard: Alex Gostanian
Design: Alex Gostanian, Damian Sendin, Santiago Medina
Cel Animators: Melisa Farina, Facundo Quiroga
Animation Director: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga, Alex Gostanian
Animation: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga, Alex Gostanian, Damian Sendin
Production: Vanessa Silva
Music: Tus Horas Mágicas by Tan Bionica

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